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As a Mom Ambassador for Moms Meet I was sent a sample of e-cloth. Have you heard of them?  I hadn’t either.  So I got my box to share and talk with my friends and was extremely apprehensive about using just cleaning cloths.  I received a mop, grease rag, window cleaner, and a scrubber.  The premise behind this is to be more green and not use harmful chemicals to clean your house. Um, ok? I am an avid vinegar user.  That’s not harmful.  But I thought I would give them a try.

This mop is great. The handle extends super long and the head of the mop is really wide.  I wet it and went on with mopping the floors.  Now, I have a steam mop and that is what we clean floors with.  We have no carpet, only tile, linoleum and hardwood.  I love my steam mop.  I have even used it to clean the baseboards and the walls.  That was tricky, but I did it!  However, this mop cleaned the floors fabulously.  Really? With just water? YES!!! It cleaned up all the spills and kool aid stains. Yes it did.

The grease rag is used just for that, cleaning up hard to clean messes.  You just run it under warm water and wipe up.  This cloth I think doesn’t work as well not having cleaning solution.  I still have it in my kitchen and I use it, but I feel like with all the raw meat and such that goes on in there, I need something more to clean it.  The window cleaner/polisher rag is AWESOME!!!  You just spritz a little water on and clean with the rag. My mirrors sparkle.  My husband had me purchase more so he could put some in his truck.  I don’t think I will ever use newspaper/papertowels again. The scrubby pad I just use to clean my sink with.  It is similar to a brillo pad type scrub on one side and a cloth on the other.

I really did enjoy the e-cloth .  I am still on the fence about cleaning with microfiber cloths instead of my vinegar, but I am using them.  With a passel of kids I feel like I need something to kill germs beyond just a rag, but they work! The mop works great and I am forever a user of the glass/polisher rag.  If you are interested in purchasing some or checking out their website you can do that here e-cloth.  They have a lot more cleaning cloths for the home, pets, car, and spa cloths.  Check them out and try it for yourself.


I did receive the product free to review. All thoughts expressed are my own. 


It is springbreak here in Arkansas.  I am enjoying it KID FREE!!  My oldest has gone to his great-grandmothers and the two younger ones are with my mother at my sisters house.  I miss my kiddos terrible, however, I am enjoying the peace and quiet with the hubby.  The reason for this post is a couple of things: how parenting styles differ and how do you parent.

I am not going to lie and say my kids are the best ever.  They have their faults.  Jake is super smart and he knows it.  He goes out of his way to make Ireland feel ignorant and inferior.  He also stands 6’2 so he bullies the younger two as well.  But he is funny.  When he decides to talk to us and spend time with us, he is so funny.  We have to make him have family time, even sitting at dinner with us is a chore for him.  I am hoping this to shall pass.  Ireland is super sweet when she wants to be.  But man that attitude.  She can be just as mean and ugly.  TK, well, he is a product of his raising for sure.  Super spoiled.  He is so much younger than the other two that everyone has doted on him, including me.  But how sweet he is when he gives you a super tight squeeze and tells you that you are the best mom ever.

I am too easy on my kids.  I am not going to deny it.  I came from a very rough upbringing and tend to be to easy on my kids.  I do expect them to be respectful.  That is a given.  I do let them speak their mind, just because they are kids doesn’t mean they don’t have an opinion, but they have to be respectful about it.  I probably allow them to say things that I shouldn’t.  I do not allow them to put their hands on each other and say ugly mean things to one another.  I do not believe that play fighting with guns, fists, swords is healthy.  My brother dislocated my shoulder once when we were younger fighting like this.  That’s not healthy.  I don’t allow them to use my furniture as a jungle gym.  My husband works hard for the things that we have.  Be respectful to other people’s things.  I expect them to pitch in around the house. They make the mess too. I don’t expect them to eat food they don’t like. We have a rule that you have to try a bite of it before you say I don’t like it.  Jake hates white chili, but every time I make it, he has to take a bite. Tastes change.  Some parents make their children eat it regardless.  One time when I was younger I had to do that and wound up getting sick all over the table. To this day I refuse to eat corn from a can, I know it’s all in my head.  But it was a traumatic event!!

My point is, because I realize I ramble, I am not delusional, I am not the best disciplinarian, I am not the best parent.  I love my kids. I want them to do well. I want them to be good productive adults.  I want them to look back on their childhood and have fond memories, not bad ones.  But where is the happy medium for me to be a good disciplinarian and a good loving mother?  Where do I draw that line?  Why is it so hard for me to give them consequences? I don’t want to be the cause of my kids sadness, but I feel I am doing them no favors.  How do you deal with discipline in your household? How do you stay consistent?  I need all the help I can get I think.  My hubby tells me all the time I am too easy on them.  I spoil them.  I know I do. So what do I do now?  And how can I not love these faces??

2012-08-18 15.32.26

As Bzzagent I have the opportunity to try out some wonderful products.  I love doing this.  I love being able to get my voice out there and be honest about the products.  For the last month I have been using Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Peel.  This is an at home, leave on peel that is used to exfoliate and help remove dark spots.  I have horrid dark spots.  When I was younger I always thought, “dang, I can’t wait to be an adult and get rid of the ZITS!!”  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  They are worse now than ever and because of that, I have spots and scarring from it. Blah! So much for great skin.

I used the Dark Spot Peel every night as directed.  I did everything I normally do for my skin care routine, except the moisturizing, and applied a thin layer of the peel.  It doesn’t have a bad smell and no tingling, burning, itching sensations.  Then I went to bed and got up in the morning with my regularly scheduled skin routine.  I have horridly dry skin on my face.  It looks as if I am recovering from some gawd awful sunburn every day.  My nose peels, around my mouth peels.  It is extremely unsightly and have to use moisturizer like nobody’s business.  One of the things I noticed using the peel was less skin peeling on my nose.  That is a plus in my book regardless of what else it is suppose to do!!!

All in all, I feel like the Garnier Skin REnew Dark Spot peel was, well, spot on!! Less dry skin and I have noticed a change in the dark spots of my face. YAY!!  My skin is more hydrated, my spots are fading. I will continue to use this to see how the results pan out going forward. But I am one happy camper at this point with it.


Here is a before and after. Now, I do have to pretty unsightly scars due to mole removals. And a ton of moles that nothing is going to help with.  Sad! But as for the other spots, much better.


As a bzzagent you can review products as well.  I did receive the product free to review. All thoughts expressed are my own. 

Cafe Escapes…Yum

I had the pleasure to try out Cafe Escapes by Green Mountain Coffee. Now, I am a new coffee drinker. I always hated the smell, the taste when I was younger and my dad drank it. It is amazing how your tastes change as you get older. Now, I drink about a pot a day, plus what I make in my Keurig later in the afternoon. I know, I probably need an intervention.  I get up extra early in the morning so that I am able to have quiet time with me and just enjoy my coffee.  I like to flavor it up with all the amazing flavored creamers that are out there.  However, you don’t have to do that with the Cafe Escapes.  They come straight out of the Keurig with decadent flavors and perfect sweetness.

I was able to enjoy all the flavors and share with my dear hubby, who is a die hard coffee drinker and why I started drinking it.  We like to sit out on the deck in the morning after we are both up and just be with each other and talk and have coffee.   We enjoyed sharing our Cafe Escapes.  Cafe Caramel had to be our favorite.  It is so scrumptious and sweet.  My coffee is the only sweet that I have.  I am not a fan of sugar or sugary treats.  But I love my coffee to be that way.  Cafe Escapes is perfect for that.  I even liked the Cafe Vanilla and vanilla is not my favorite flavor by far.  You can get Cafe Caramel, Cafe Vanilla, Cafe Mocha, Milk Chocolate hot cocoa, Dark Chocolate hot cocoa, and Cafe Chai Latte.

I loved everyone of these flavors.  I love not having to load it up with creamer and just popping it in the Keurig and drink.  Green Mountain is one of my favorite coffees as it stands. They knocked it out of the park with the Cafe Escapes.  I have already loaded up my pantry with more to continue enjoying the great flavors.  On top of that, Cafe Escapes sent me some more sample packs.  How could you not love a company that looks out for it’s consumers?? Hot chocolate for the kiddos and a great coffee for mom and dad.


As a bzzagent you can review products as well.  I did receive the product free to review. All thoughts expressed are my own. 

Sleep is over rated, right?

I have several sleep disorders, self diagnosed mind you. I go through stages where as soon as I lay down, I am hard and fast asleep. However, the more prominent of my issues is insomnia. It will stick around for weeks. No matter how tired I am, I can not fall asleep.  The reason I tell you this is because it seems I have passed this on the TK.  Now, as parents, we all know the importance of a good nights sleep for them.  Same for us but they need that rest for healthy growth all around.

The problem is, I am at my wits end with how to help him rest. He hasn’t napped since he was 2 and he just goes and goes and goes. I would like to bottle up that energy and sell it or take it since we don’t sleep.  You know that if he isn’t sleeping, I am not sleeping. Even on the nights when I could go to sleep, I am up with him.  Tk takes a high dose prescription antihistamine because he produces to much histamine. You can scratch him a little and it swells up and gets angry red. Don’t get me started on what bug bites do to him.  The doctor’s have suggested benadryl, but he is already on so much how is that safe? We have tried Melatonin, quiet space, lights on, laying with him, leaving him by himself. Nothing seems to work.

He walks around with giant dark circles under his eyes.  But you never know he is tired besides that.  He runs and jumps and plays and talks nonstop.  This is a picture of him on Wednesday when he had 3 hours of sleep to go to Kindergarten registration.  Still, never napped and was up until 2 that morning.  Something has to give for him.  I have talked to the doctors, I have followed their advice.  No, I will not put my 5 year old on sleep aids.  That’s crazy.


SO I am reaching out to all the moms out there, to give me any advice you can think of.  I am willing to do whatever I can to help him and me  without putting him on prescription or OTC sleep aids.  So moms, what are your thoughts? Please reach out and help!!!

Hello and welcome. Thank you for stopping by. My name is Leah. I am relatively new to the blogoshpere.  So I am going to assume this first post is going to suck. But, I am willing to keep at it and get better. I love to read other people’s blogs, even though I don’t know them from Adam. I know about their kids, their jobs, spouses, the works.  But I read them because they entertain me or teach me. Even though I am 35 and the mother of 3 amazing kiddos, I am a little biased on that subject, I am never to old to stop learning. Learning how to be a better mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend.

That being said here is a little about me.  I have lived all over the southern midwest states. No not an army brat, my mother has gypsy blood I believe.  I attended 24 different schools. So I am from nowhere and everywhere but tell people I am from New Mexico, that’s where we lived the longest. Now I am in Arkansas married to an amazing man and live our life with our babies.  And by babies I mean they are 14, 12, and 5.  Dan, my husband, works and provides for us. I stay home with the little one, TK. I would have to say that I am a terrible “homemaker” though. I never quite get the house clean because I am easily distracted.  I think I am a horrible cook, even though I am told otherwise. Maybe that’s because it’s not my favorite thing to do. I never fold socks together because it makes me crazy. And not folding them makes me family crazy.

My kiddos are Jake, Ireland, and TK.  Jake is in his first year of high school and Ireland middle school. They are as different as night and day. Jake is very introverted but so funny when he decides to talk to us. Ireland can’t stop talking or finish a thought for that matter. But she’s so sweet when she wants to be.  TK is a sassy mouthed 5 year old obsessed with Mario and Sonic. It’s hard to get upset over his mouth when he comes by it honestly.  They keep my life interesting.  There is a lot of disagreements and tempers but at the end of the day, they are my everything.

We are blessed with some amazing friends since we moved to Central Arkansas.  I am not sure that I have ever had friends that I truly call family until now.  We spend a lot of time together hanging out and definitely making memories for each other and our families.  I am sure that I will talk about them a lot as well.

So there is a little about my life. This blog is going to be filled with day to day craziness of my life. As well as some other good content.  A hodge podge if you will.  Some recipes, advice, whining, and product reviews of some of the things I keep myself busy with during the day. Because I am sure it is not spent cleaning properly. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next time with some good content!


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