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Old Navy Upgrade

I had the pleasure of being chosen for the Old Navy Style Council through Crowdtap. I love Crowdtap. You get to use your opinions to help mold brands and ocassionally, you get chosen to sample some. This is how I got in on the Old Navy Style Council. I got to take myself and three other people to have an “in store” party. We got to try on bathing suits and take pictures and really enjoy our shopping experience at Old Navy.

We took home some pretty awesome stuff to. Courtesy of Old Navy and Crowdtap we each got a swim suit, beach towel, beach bag, and flip flops. How amazing is that??? We had a blast. The staff was super patient with all our trying on and picture taking. I swear we handed the manager when we came out the dressing rooms about 30 suits to put back up. He didn’t even grumble. Nor did he grumble when we got to the check out with our coupons and we had picked the wrong shoes. Or that one of the coupons didn’t work because one of the other managers the day before scanned it to make sure it worked. He was a dream. Thanks Brandon!!!

I took my daughter, My best friend Janetta, and her friend. We picked out some fabulous beach towels and some great suits. Although, my husband isn’t to excited about our daughter wearing a little two piece.  I want to thank Old Navy and Crowdtap for an awesome evening of fun and girl time. Great reward!!!

Here are some pictures of some of the suits! Not very flattering for the boobs however. I am not sure these suits were made for moms that have breast fed. Oh well, the things you take with you as a mama!

IMG_20130514_183417_678 IMG_20130514_190603_150IMG_20130514_190811_174



As a Mom Ambassador for Moms Meet I was sent a sample of e-cloth. Have you heard of them?  I hadn’t either.  So I got my box to share and talk with my friends and was extremely apprehensive about using just cleaning cloths.  I received a mop, grease rag, window cleaner, and a scrubber.  The premise behind this is to be more green and not use harmful chemicals to clean your house. Um, ok? I am an avid vinegar user.  That’s not harmful.  But I thought I would give them a try.

This mop is great. The handle extends super long and the head of the mop is really wide.  I wet it and went on with mopping the floors.  Now, I have a steam mop and that is what we clean floors with.  We have no carpet, only tile, linoleum and hardwood.  I love my steam mop.  I have even used it to clean the baseboards and the walls.  That was tricky, but I did it!  However, this mop cleaned the floors fabulously.  Really? With just water? YES!!! It cleaned up all the spills and kool aid stains. Yes it did.

The grease rag is used just for that, cleaning up hard to clean messes.  You just run it under warm water and wipe up.  This cloth I think doesn’t work as well not having cleaning solution.  I still have it in my kitchen and I use it, but I feel like with all the raw meat and such that goes on in there, I need something more to clean it.  The window cleaner/polisher rag is AWESOME!!!  You just spritz a little water on and clean with the rag. My mirrors sparkle.  My husband had me purchase more so he could put some in his truck.  I don’t think I will ever use newspaper/papertowels again. The scrubby pad I just use to clean my sink with.  It is similar to a brillo pad type scrub on one side and a cloth on the other.

I really did enjoy the e-cloth .  I am still on the fence about cleaning with microfiber cloths instead of my vinegar, but I am using them.  With a passel of kids I feel like I need something to kill germs beyond just a rag, but they work! The mop works great and I am forever a user of the glass/polisher rag.  If you are interested in purchasing some or checking out their website you can do that here e-cloth.  They have a lot more cleaning cloths for the home, pets, car, and spa cloths.  Check them out and try it for yourself.


I did receive the product free to review. All thoughts expressed are my own. 

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